Use Cut-and-Paste Books in Disability Ministry

Use cut-and-paste books to teach Bible lessons in disability ministry

Use Cut-and-Paste Books to Teach Bible Lessons in Disability Ministry

Children with disabilities often need many repetitions of a Bible story to truly understand it. Church activities are limited in time. Cut-and-paste books are a good resource to provide repetition and to send home with parents/caregivers for reinforcement. In this article, we will talk about how to use cut-and-paste books to teach Bible lessons in disability ministry.

What are cut-and-paste books?

Cut-and-paste books are black-and-white versions of adapted books. They use the same graphics and language designed to engage children with disabilities.

The goals of adapted books are:

  1. To give children with moderate-to-significant disabilities a way to learn Bible lessons using repetition and fine-motor skills.
  2. To give adults and caregivers easy and effective ways to reinforce Bible lessons at home.
  3. To give busy Children’s Ministry Leaders resources to teach ALL children

How to use cut-and-paste books

After the lesson, use cut-and-paste books to extend the lesson. Volunteers and buddies can talk about the main points of the story while children color, cut, and glue pictures.

OR, print out and send home with parents/caregivers. Families love knowing what children learned at church, and this is a great way to communicate the lesson without taking much time!

Be sure to download these free adapted books to see how they work.

Adam and Eve – Downloads

Children with mild-to-moderate disabilities can color the pictures, cut them out, and glue them.

Children with significant disabilities may need more help. Accept the coloring they do. Cut out pictures ahead of time and guide them to glue as appropriate.

Save Time

Cut-and-paste books are printed in black-and-white to help you with copying. You probably already have crayons, scissors, and glue on hand – just put them out for the children and volunteers or buddies.

Focus on the main takeaway

As the children work on the books, go over the story with them. Children who are speakers can repeat the key idea. You can say, “What did we learn about Adam and Eve?” with the expected response of “They disobeyed God,” for example.

For children who are minimal speakers, start the sentence and let them finish. Say, “We should obey…” and then let them say, “God!”

For children who are non-speakers, repeatedly tell them, “Obey God”.


Teaching all children in church can be challenging, especially with time limits. Use cut-and-paste books to teach Bible lessons to children with disabilities.

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